The social media site “Pinterest” has become a very valuable tool in teaching. The site provides ideas, instructions and a network of people with similar interests to your own.

The premise of the site itself is to allow individuals to have a place to sort and organize the multitude of websites we find useful or of “interest” in our busy lives today. The contents are constantly changing and are as unique as the millions (?) of users. You can find sources for your own personal interests as well as with your teaching. It allows you to categorize sites and images in an easy and paper free way. This virtual world of information can be an indispensable part of your classroom planning.


How to use pinterest?

  1. Go to the website :

  2. Request an “invite”. This may take a couple of days.

  3. When you receive your invite it will provide you with a “tag” that you drag up into your toolbar of your computer. The words “Pin it” will appear in your toolbar for future use.

  4. Go to the website and login. Under your name you can create “Boards” of interest that you would like to use to organize your information. You can select from a list provided, but you can also create your own titles for boards at anytime now or in the future. I have learned to create quite specific boards to help in the sorting and organization.

  5. Once you have at least a few boards set up start rolling through the seemingly endless images. Select one you like. By placing your mouse arrow over the image it will allow you to “Repin” (onto a board of your choice), “Like” (let’s the person who pinned it know that someone liked their selection) or “comment” (leave a comment about the image).

  6. If you click on the image, the image will appear larger and give the information about the individual that pinned the image most recently. It will also give you the website that image came from. If you click on the website it will take you directly to the site and provide you with the recipe, instructions or blog that was tagged in this photo.

  7. When at this stage you can also click on the person’s name that pinned the image. This in turn will take you to their boards. If you find anything you like in their boards you can “Follow” specific boards only or “Follow All”

  8. When you begin following people the site will open with only images from the “Pinners” that you follow. Basically the people that have similar interests to you.

  9. You can go the home page and see all the pinnings from everyone whenever you like. You can also look in categorized areas for a somewhat “more advanced search”.

10. There is a search box in the top left hand corner. Use it as you would Google. Search for key words or images, themes

or topics.

11. You can post things to facebook from this site to easily share with others that may be interested.

12. Other options in the toolbar of Pinterest are Videos, Discussions and Gifts. The options seem endless.

Pinterest is a clean, concise and well organized site that I highly recommend for both personal and professional use.