My journey in EC&I 831 has evolved into my own Personal Learning Network or PLN. PLN's are defined by wikipediaas consisting of the people a learner interacts with and gains knowledge in their own personal learning environment. PLN's have been around forever; it is your family and friends and colleagues that you have been sharing ideas and stories with for years. The difference now is how we can make connections with people all over the world through different social media tools, such as facebook, twitter, blogs, wikis, social bookmarking sites, etc. My goal for this wiki is a place to help you with your journey of creating your own Personal Learning Network.

What is the point of PLN's?

I work in a K to 8 elementary school and throughout my career I have been involved in professional learning communities. Every year if I am lucky, I am allowed to go to one conference to learn something new and maybe meet other educators who have similar interests to me. But I have never been a part of a network until I started this class. I would not have thought it possible to be able to use the internet in ways that would minimize my time but maximize my information.

How many times as an educator have you looked for a new idea or concept online only to be frustrated by too much information? Creating useful social media tools can assist in minimizing the time it will take to find the information you need. One of the most useful tools is reading people's blogs.